Smart City

By 2050, Gartner estimates that roughly 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. The smart city is the only way to handle such growth.

Smart cities bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to life with a fabric of seamless connectivity that improves quality of life, stimulates economic growth, sustainably manages resources, and reduces pollution. It’s more than just a vision. With one smart city up and running in Korea and more planned elsewhere, it’s quickly becoming reality.


Whether in a smart city or any other IoT application, the physical device plays a central role. Tens of thousands of IoT devices will be required. They must be low power, exhibit excellent performance, able to withstand interference, and reliable.

Keysight’s test solutions cover the entire IoT device development lifecycle, enabling you to fully optimize your IoT designs for power consumption, RF performance, and interoperability while ensuring you get your products to market faster.


In the smart city, anytime/anywhere wireless connectivity between all IoT devices and infrastructure is a given. That connectivity must be seamless, reliable, and deliver both high-quality voice and data services. In the smart city, IoT devices will likely operate over low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) comprising both proprietary and open standard options. The use of so many wireless connectivity technologies makes the design and test of the IoT devices operating in the smart city challenging.

KianKabir’s smart city IoT test solutions allow you to deliver the superior performance consumers demand by testing LPWAN wireless communications under real-world conditions.


The network serves as the backbone of the smart city. Its performance and capacity limits are critical. Keysight’s test solutions allow you to push those limits by testing with realistic traffic in the lab. Also critical is the network’s security.

Making a city smart requires the complex interaction of hybrid networks with many IoT devices acting as a central smart-grid at the hub of it all. Having these interconnected items on a single network makes it a prime target for hackers. With Keysight’s network visibility solutions, you can assure the security of your infrastructure and devices, and secure everything in the smart city, from homes to phones.