Network Planning

A network plan is never static, as traffic grows and moves, the network design needs to be tweaked. This could include changing the configuration of existing sites, adding new ones to plug coverage holes, or increase capacity or deploying small cells for increased capacity and in-building coverage.

As new technologies – such as 5G – are adopted, they need to be deployed on top of existing networks. Using as much of the existing network infrastructure as possible by co-siting new cells is the only cost-effective way to deploy a new technology. This requires careful radio and backhaul network planning and dimensioning, especially if the technology layers are to complement each other.The ASSET Suite is a market leading and comprehensive planning portfolio designed to deliver cost-effective high performance networks.

The products within the ASSET Suite cover radio, backhaul and capacity planning across a wide range of technologies and provide dedicated functionality for Wi-Fi and small cells. Key to their success is the ability to integrate seamlessly into the wider OSS ecosystem. This allows seamless transfer of data to and from 3rd party systems, improving overall planning efficiency and accuracy.