Automotive Hybrid Power System Trainer


  1. This trainer is based on Toyota Prius hybrid automotive engine (running model).
  2. It can dynamically observe the working structure of the hybrid system components, spare parts, such as: motor generator, gear box and drive shafts, hybrid battery pack, power switch, fuel tank, fuel gauge, vacuum gauge, and troubleshoot system.
  3. Actual operations such as starting, acceleration, deceleration, fault detection, diagnosis and troubleshooting can be conducted on this trainer.


  1. It can achieve the normal running of hybrid engine system, transmission system and braking system, etc.
  2. Fault simulation system for actual running state simulation, which is designed with engine common faults.
  3. Voltmeter for real time voltage display of sensor and actuator, LED for working state indication of injector pulse, etc.
  4. Pressure meter for fuel pressure value indication, pointer type vacuum meter for vacuum pressure value indication.
  5. Equipped with original car diagnosis seat for computer diagnostic unit to read the fault code and data flow of engine electronic control system.
  6. The training panel is paint with colorized circuit diagram, with organic glass for protection.The working principle of control system can be known and analyzed by comparing the circuit diagram with real objects directly.
  1. The training panel is mounted with detection terminals for the detection of each sensor and actuator, such as the resistance, voltage, current, frequency, waveform signal, etc.