PLC Controlled Transparent Four-layer Elevator Trainer

This trainer is designed according to construction of lift type elevator, which is widely used in our daily life.

Organic glass material is adopted for most of the components so as to make the inner structure and working principle of real elevator easy for students to understand.

The electrical control system adopts programmable logic controller and frequency converter to achieve logic intelligent control and AC variable frequency speed regulating and driving. The hardware part of this trainer is same as real elevator in composition and function, coming with automatic door opening/closing, automatic  leveling, inner/external calling signal response in same direction, straight moving, elevator safe running protection, elevator emergency stop, slow up/down, lighting, air fan function and so on.

It is reliable in performance, steady in running, easy in operation and low in energy consumption. Both the hardware and software part of this trainer adopt open structure, which make it easy to be extended for secondary development, such as multiple control elevator, parallel control elevator, signal control elevator, auto selected elevator and so on.



  • Lift car starting, stopping, inching control
  • Lift car speed up/down control
  • Lift car leveling control
  • Lift car landing door opening/closing control
  • Floor calling system training
  • Terminal limit protection device training
  • Speed limit protection device training
  • Signal indicating system training
  • Lift car lighting control
  • Elevator control system training
  • Elevator control system programming
  • Elevator control system running and debugging


  1. Over speed safety protection system: When an accident happens and the lift car descends in over speed or high speed (ex. steel wire rope breaking, car top block detachment, and traction machine worm and gear failure, motor over speed), the speed governor will brake urgently and drive the safety tongs by safety wire rope and link mechanism, so as to block the lift car and force it stop falling.
  2. Lift car and counter-weight spring buffer device: When an accident happens, the lift car reaches the bottom or the counter-weight reaches the top (limit switch protection failure), the lift car or counter-weight will impact the buffer device, which will absorb the kinetic energy to slow down the lift car or counter-weight until it stops.
  3. Door safety shoe protection device: The edge of car door is equipped with safety shoe and there is a joining beam on the safety shoe. When the safety shoe reaches passenger or barrier, the joining beam will touch the micro switch on car door to make the door reopen, thus avoiding the occurrence of accident.
  4. Door motor torque protection device: Normally, a definite torque is used for door motor to close the car door and landing door. When goods or passenger is nipped by the door, the motor torque will raise. So travel switch is adopted on the door to make the car door and landing door reopen, thus avoiding the occurrence of accident.
  5. Landing door automatic closing device: The opening and closing of landing door is controlled by cam on car door, each landing door is equipped with a lock, which will mesh mechanically after the landing door is closed. The elevator won’t descend or ascend until the locking is finished, thus avoiding the occurrence of accident.
  6. Terminal limit switch safety protection system: The top floor and bottom floor of liftway is equipped with terminal limit switches. When the elevator loses control and the lift car reaches the top or bottom, the terminal limit switch will act to give alarm signal and cut off control circuit so as to make the lift car stop.