Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solutions

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way industries work. Factories once defined by a complex system of machines, people and manufacturing products is now moving to automation.

Product Engineers:

IIoT products are required to work harder and longer, in some cases more than 10 years. They must work together seamlessly regardless of the environmental conditions in which they operate. The challenge is how to design products for the IIoT to meet these requirements to include reliability and security. Whatever IoT product you design, let Key-sight help you ensure it is fully optimized to survive and thrive in the IIoT. Our solutions allow you to design and test your IIoT products quicker, accurately, and cost-effectively.


  • IoT Testing, Monitoring and Validation
  • IoT Device Power Consumption
  • IoT Device Functional Test Solution
  • Wireless Communication Standards